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30-Year-Old-Songs (2007)

Songs written in the late 60s to mid-70s. Mostly pop but some with a country flavor, some bluesy.

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I am a one-man band, with technology and a couple of enablers. Thirty years ago I thought I might have a career as a songwriter, and wrote a few dozen songs that I never recorded because it was the age of tape and studios, engineers and big bucks. Now, with a Mac, GarageBand, and a Yamaha Clavinova I can pretty much replace all those by-the-hour charges with technology I actually own. Last year I recorded ten of my "30-year-oldies" and for this year's RPMchallenge, I added ten more from that same source. Being only a fair musician/singer myself, I prevailed on a couple of guitarist friends who are excellent. You can hear how much they grace these offerings (credits below). The rest of it is me using an array of devices to simulate what a real musician would do. My hope is that these albums will showcase my songs so that others may develop them as part of their own repertoire.

Guitarist on "Free light," John Cunningham from the East Bay area. Guitarist on "Sweet Vanilla," "Teach me to Love," and "First and Last," Jeff Magidson of RedHouse Studios in Walnut Creek, CA.



Completed Albums


Songs written in the late 60s to mid-70s. Mostly pop but some with a country flavor, some bluesy.

Danny Blues
What I Say to Myself
Who are You?
Flying Song
Blame You
Give a Good Man Credit
Ité─˘s Goodbye
Bring Us Back
The Sun
Sweet Joan